Saturday, January 29, 2011

SJ's Sign

 I wanted to make a special sign for SJ for a while now and I finally got to it.  I found this ugly sign at Ross and figured it would be no problem to make it something special for SJ's room.  I am not sure how I talk myself into these little projects because I somehow turn simple projects into major ordeals no matter how hard I try to keep it simple.  That's the thing.  I love simplicity, I long for things to be simple, I try to make my life as simple as possible, but when it comes to projects like this it just does not happen.  So here goes the story of the SJ sign. 
 I sanded and painted it.  No problem.  No spills.  Everything was going good.
 Then Andrew got involved and said I needed to paint SJ's name pink so I did it but found it funny that he got very opinionated about it.  I found these cute flowers at Michaels and everything was going smoothly.
 I glued everything on and let it sit overnight with some heavy books on it to make sure none of it would fall off.  Here's the finished project.  I love it and I was so excited to show Andrew and then I saw this...
Yep, that's right people.  I glued everything upside down so now this wire that would have been so great to hang this up is useless!!!  Lesson learned-look before you glue and make sure you are putting it on the right way.  Andrew is going to save the day and put some new hanging things on it to use but still, really did I really need to make it this complicated?  Oh well, all you can do is laugh.  The funniest part is these little hangups never stop me from continuing to try to be crafty. 

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