Thursday, January 13, 2011

7 Months Old Today

SJ is 7 months old today.  I told her it is alright because 7 is a biblical number.  Today I was reminded why I shouldn't go shopping with SJ very often.  I found myself having to hold her half the time and she wanted to reach out and grab everything and put it in her mouth.  This got a little trickier when I walked down and aisle with dishes!  You would think I would learn not to venture out but I keep trying through all her different stages.  I got in the car and just started laughing-what else can you do!

SJ is loving her baby food, sitting up on her own, still not rolling very good and not even trying to crawl (but I am okay with that).  She is shaking her head a lot looking like she is saying no (its cute now but when she really means no it won't be cute), she is making the sound "dadadada" but we know she doesn't really know what it means, she is also showing her sin nature.  She definitely lets it be known when she wants something she can't have.  We knew it was in her but it is something to see it come out!

I think she is growing up so fast but Andrew can't wait for her to grow faster.  He wants her to get big enough to start walking so he can play around with her even more.

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Ashley said...

She's such a doll baby. And so happy and smiley. Love that! :) I know...I learned the hard way about taking babies shopping when I went into an antique store with Reese (she was only 5 months) and she touched something that dropped and broke. :( First time I had to pay for my child's mistake. It was humbling! Miss you Kim! We need to talk soon.