Monday, May 28, 2012

The Front Yard Makeover Continues...

Now we are tackling the other side of our front yard.  This is the before picture and we hope to have the after picture up soon but we know this side will be a process.  I like how I keep saying "we" in all of this when Andrew is the one doing all the work:)  I am thankful for my hard working hubby!

Memorial Day BBQ

Happy Memorial Day

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 We had a great visit with Grammy and Papa Jim over the weekend.  Sadie Jane loved playing with them.  When I got her up each morning or from a nap she would ask for Grammy and Papa Jim.  Its so fun to hear her talk about them.

 We think we have given Andrew's mom (Grammy) 2 pretty good mother's day gifts.  A few years ago Andrew graduated from seminary on mother's day and this mother's day she got to hear him preach.  I don't know what we will have planned for next year but we better start thinking about it!

This ended up being a group photo even though we didn't realize.  You can see Andrew and me trying to get the kiddos to smile.  We realized after we took the pictures that Sadie Jane looks nude but she does have a diaper on I promise!  She was about to take her nap but we probably should have thrown some clothes on her!!!

Thanks for coming Papa Jim and Grammy!  We miss you both!!!  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally Painted the Y

 Remember this?  Back in January, yes JANUARY, I started working on this project.  It was my goal to decorate our play room that month.  Well I failed big time and I am just now finishing it up.  After making these hoops which were super easy it still needed something.  I found these letters online and got them back in March.  All I had to do is paint them white and they would be good to go.  Sounds simple, right?  That's what I though until I got involved in the process.  I always seem to do something a little foolish in projects like these.  I should probably only do craft projects with others to guide me and keep me from making stupid mistakes.  First mistake was I decided why waste a few bucks on spray paint I have some paint leftover from our base boards that I can use.  Dumb idea!!!  I love spray paint and I love it for a good reason-it is so much easier to paint small things like this with.  So I found myself putting on several coats trying not to smudge what I had just painted and get into all the edges.  Then it decided to stick to the newspaper and cardboard I was painting it on.  No good but at least I got it done and we could finally hang it up.  Just as we were about to put them on the wall my smart husband showed me that I painted the WRONG SIDE of the Y.  I wanted to cry.  Why oh why did I think any kind of painting project was doable right now.  I am just happy to get the dishes done at night.  So my sweet husband sanded down the other side of the Y so I could paint it and it has been that task that for weeks I keep saying I will do but then the end of the day comes and I just can't get myself to pull out the paint to do it.  I kept telling Andrew tonight I am going to paint the Y or if something came up of something else I needed to do I would say, "I can't even paint the Y!"  But finally, yes finally the Y is complete and hanging up.  The funny thing is I am pretty sure I either didn't mix the paint well enough or might have used a different can of paint because the white on the Y looks like a bit of a different shade then the rest of the letters.  While this could make me breakdown after all the effort for not such a big project I choose to laugh.  I think God constantly uses big and small situations in my life to show me how much I want everything to look perfect and that is just not how it is.  I have nothing to boast in but Christ.  I will gratefully take my little imperfections throughout my house as reminders of how imperfect I am and in need of a Savior.  So there you go, a little devotional that all started with making hoops:)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fairytale Town

We got to spend the day at Fairytale Town with my family in Sacramento.  We wanted to get together to celebrate Emmie and SJ's birthdays early.  We loved this place and I think SJ could have run around there with her cousins all day long.

They had a dance time in the afternoon when they put on some fun music and the kids could come up on the stage and show their moves.  It was probably the most exciting part for SJ.  She was up there until all the rest of the other kids were gone.  What can we say...our girl likes to get down!

Our kids are at an age where it is almost impossible to get a good picture.  So with their craziness and the adults trying to help them it makes for some pretty funny pictures.