Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SJ's Texas Souvenir

My dad could not resist getting this for SJ when we were in Texas.  She looks like a little Texan now.  Enjoy the pictures Pawpaw!

Our Daughter is a Genius!

 She can sit up (okay the bumbo seat helps a little)
And she can hold her own bottle (for about 3 seconds)

She must get her smarts from her daddy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

SJ Goes to God's Country

 SJ and I just got back from a trip to Texas.  We headed out there with my mom and dad to Dallas and then from there went to Lubbock to visit with the Sandersons for a few days.  Suzie and Sadie got to meet each other and Suzie loved giving Sadie kisses.  Sadie didn't mind it at all!
 Here's Suzie trying to spread the love to Sadie
 In Dallas we stayed with my Uncle Larry
 The reason we were adventurous and took a 4 month old on a plane was because it was my Aunt Gail's 60th birthday and we didn't want to miss her party.
 SJ and Aunt Gail (Birthday Lady!!!)
 My mom and her siblings

 Me and my cousins
 These are my cousin Shawncie's kids, Riley and Tanner with SJ

 SJ hung out most of the time on this quilt that Aunt Gail made for her.  Aunt Gail is super creative and has made us all so many special things throughout the years.

 While in Dallas we got to see our friends from my parents church, Ken and Corky who were in town visiting their daughter and grandkids.
 This chair was my Uncle Larry's when he was a little boy.  We had to take a picture of SJ in it.
 This is us in front of Uncle Larry's new house.  It was so nice.  We love the brick houses in Texas!
 We ate a lot of good food and unfortunately I didn't get to get pictures of it all but I made sure to get this one of Whataburger.  We also enjoyed the Blackeyed Pea, Chickfila, really good Mexican food and my parents went to Cracker Barrel without me!!!

 I got to meet my Aunt Gail's husband, Tom.  This is on her front porch.  I love this big chair and SJ liked it too.

 Only in Texas can you get a fried jalapeno
 And have booths with the state flag on them

 SJ did survive the many plane rides.  She was such a trooper and I am so thankful to God that she is a happy baby.  We had to make 2 stops coming and going so I was not sure how that was going to work out but she didn't mind.  I don't want to get on a plane anytime soon but I know it is good to have things in my life that I cannot even try to control and have to rely on God.  He is so faithful, even to help in the little things, like surviving several plane rides with a baby. 
Well that was our "Texas Experience" as my mom calls it.  Next time we hope to bring the whole Nelson family.  We were all excited to get back to California though.  I know Texas will always be a special place for all of us but deep down we are Californians too.  I don't mind admitting it!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Flower Power

This is still a bit large for her but I still had to get a picture of it. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reddish or not Reddish, That is the Question

We still can't tell if Sadie's hair is a bit reddish.  Some days it looks like it and some days it doesn't.  I hope she has auburn hair!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Weather is Changing

What's a girl to do...pull out her ugg boots of course!