Monday, September 15, 2008

2 Years Already!

Tomorrow will be our 2nd anniversary. It is so weird to even type that. These 2 years have gone by so fast I feel like it will be 10 years before we know it!

I am very thankful for my godly husband. I am constantly reminded that he is a gift from God and one that I really do not deserve.

Happy Anniversary Andrew!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catching Up

I am playing catch up on this blog because a lot has been going on and I have not taken the time to post any of it. So here we go...
This is us in Ventura after Glen's memorial service. We thought it would be good to get away for the afternoon after a long couple of weeks.

My sweet husband snapped a picture of what he found at the table on the morning of his birthday. I know it doesn't look fancy but I thought he would like it. He said when he was younger for his birthday his mom would always let him pick out his favorite cereal to have that week. Golden Grahams is his favorite so I thought we would stick to tradition. The little pieces of paper are 28 reasons of why I love Andrew which were very easy to think of. He constantly gives me reasons to love him!
We got to escape the chaos of summer and get away a few weekends ago before seminary classes started. We headed down to Irvine to relax. We slept, ate, shopped, and swam. It was the most relaxing thing we had done all summer.
We also took this little trip to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It is not until September but it is hard to get away once the semester starts. We went out for a special dinner our last night there and of course we had to eat dessert. Can you tell how excited I am to eat that thing???
We stayed at the Westin in Irvine and we found out shortly before we went that they are known for their heavenly beds. Well when we first walked in the room we could totally tell what they meant. It looked so comfy and clean and fluffy but by the end of the weekend we agreed that you should only have that much down in your comforter if you are in a cabin in the snow with only a fire place to heat you up. It was a bit hot but we enjoyed it for a little while.

Soon to of Andrew's birthday party.

First Day of 7th Semester of Seminary Picture

It's tradition now...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

28 Today

My sweet husband turned 28 today! Happy Birthday Honey-

I am so glad that God has graciously given you to me. We have been reminded a lot lately about the brevity of life and it makes me even more grateful for each year He gives you and every day He allows us to grow in our relationship together. I hope you have a special day rejoicing in the Lord for all He has done in these 28 years.

Thanks for joining me in turning 28-I don't have to feel old alone anymore!!!