Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Showers for Sadie Jane

Sadie Jane is one blessed little girlie. She was showered with gifts this last weekend in Merced then Long Beach. My sister and my mom gave me a shower in Merced on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning my mom and I drove down to Long Beach for a shower given by Andrew's family and one of my best friends, Erin (Auntie Erin to Sadie Jane). Andrew and I are still so overwhelmed by God's faithfulness shown through friends and family. Sadie will now survive and has probably at least 2 outfits a day she can wear her first year! Dressing this baby girl will probably be one of the most fun things I do. I don't know how many times over the weekend I said, "this is so cute". You just can't help saying that when you see all the blankets, clothes, bows, and shoes. Thank you everyone for blessing Sadie Jane!

After Cow Creek Shower

Long Beach Shower-Jenn is 20 weeks pregnant!!!

Andrew's sisters (Auntie Joy and Aunt Cara), our nieces (Sadie's cousins-Elyse, Lauryn, and Kylee), and Andrew's mom (Grammy)

Erin (Auntie Erin) and her mom Nicki

This was the note I found when I got home. So cute I had to take a picture. I love my husband!

Andrew let me show him some of the cute clothes Sadie Jane got. I tried not to overdue it but they are all so cute! There I go with saying cute again!!!

As you can tell I have a lot of work to do. That is why Nana (my mom) will be coming on Friday and spend a few days with us. We have to get Sadie Jane's room ready to go so I can get some of this rest everyone is telling me to get before she comes!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cow Creek Baby Shower

This is a cute little book full of the verses women shared that have helped and encouraged them during motherhood. I know I will be pulling this book out a lot!

Emmie was my little helper with the gifts.

Micah was surrounded by the ladies. He didn't seem to mind!

Jenny and Megan-the two wonderful hostesses of the shower. They are both so creative and made everything look great!

I was so blessed to have a baby shower at our church this last Saturday. I am always overwhelmed by people's generosity at showers. It's so incredible because I know without it we wouldn't have much for Sadie Jane and now I know we will probably have more than enough. Thank you everyone for coming and blessing us!

Ang & the kids visit

Ang and the kids came for a visit so they could be here for my baby shower at our church. It was fun seeing the kids because they change so much! Little Micah is walking now which is fun to watch. We were thankful for the good weather so we could let these little ones get outside and get out all their energy, well most of their energy. They have a lot of it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sadie Jane's Crib

Andrew did some decorating as well. You can guess what he added:)

Andrew's parents came this last weekend for a visit. While they were here they helped Andrew put together Sadie Jane's crib. It is so weird seeing it up in her room now. It makes us realize she will be here before we know it. It was fun to get one big project done. Thanks Grammy and Papa Jim! Also, thank you Sherlynne for this beautiful crib. It is such a blessing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hike Up to Whiskey Falls

Andrew took the day off today since our kids in the youth group are on spring break. We decided to hike up to Whiskey Falls because Andrew will be taking the youth group to do it in a few weeks. Sadie Jane and I made it to the top! Don't know if I'll be doing much hiking until she is born but it was fun to get out in the nice weather today.