Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sadie Jane's 4th Birthday

Sadie Jane turned 4!  It's hard to believe our oldest is getting closer to being in school.  It's a crazy thing to watch your oldest grow up.  You want to enjoy all their new milestones but you also want them to stay your baby.  SJ is fun giggly girl and I love my little conversations with her.  I will continue to pray that she will grow into a godly young woman even if it means she has to grow up.  

Emma Lynn- 5 Months Old

Our little girl is 5 months already.  There's something about when your little baby gets closer to 6 months you realize they are no longer a newborn and are truly a little baby and will be eating food soon.  Wait! No!  How did this happen???  Emma Lynn continues to be a true joy especially because she has been sleeping through the night for a full month now.  I feel normal again.  She is just a happy baby and I love seeing how much she smiles at everyone.  There are times I am holding her and she stops whatever she is doing and looks up at me and gives me a big grin.  It melts my heart.  Let's see...for the books she is rolling over all over the place and loves to put her index finger and middle finger in her mouth.  No thumb sucker here!  She wants her two fingers instead. 

Monday, June 2, 2014


We try to have family worship every night.  The key word is "try".  Our kids are full of energy at this time of the day and after we get them to sit and listen for a little bit things like this end up happening.

Sadie Jane completed her first gymnastic class this month.  She had 4 classes and loved it.

For Mother's Day Sadie Jane made me this beautiful bracelet.  She is still proud of it and tells me to wear it all the time.

This is what you will find SJ doing most days.  She's a total girly girl!

My boy is all boy!  He LOVES baseball right now and loves to play with these baseball toys that were Andrew's when he was little.  He prefers the Angels and Dodger players due to the influence of his dad.

We got to visit my parents over Memorial weekend and tried for a good family photo.  This was the best one.

This was the worst.

Then it was the grandparents turn to try to get a photo...

This was the best.

Last gymnastics class

Daddy loves hanging out with his girls.

Emma Lynn puts her arms out like she is trying to fly.  I don't remember any of my other kids doing this.  It makes me laugh.

4 Months old and cute

Drew's favorite outfit right now-baseball shirt and Angels hat

SJ always likes to be close to her Emma Lynn.