Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Grammy

This is proof that SJ's appetite is back to normal.  She lost her appetite during our trip down south.  It was amazing to us because we have never known her not to eat.  Well she got over that and is back to her normal chowing down.  Her new favorite snack is craisins which she will ask for after every meal!

5 Months

 Our little Drew is already 5 months old!  He is definitely not a newborn anymore.  He is rolling over, sitting in his bumbo, smiling and laughing a lot.  I realize every day how fun it is to have a boy.  He has a good head of hair like his daddy and tonight I finally took some time to style it.  I might have just as much fun doing his hair as I do Sadie's:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Trip Down South

 We took off 2 weeks ago for a trip to Southern California.  Andrew went to Shepherd's Conference and I got to spend time with friends.  The next week we headed to Long Beach to spend time with Andrew's family.  We are so thankful for our van and all the things we can bring for long trips like this.  We probably go overboard but when you have the room, why not???

 First stop was Merced (the half way point from Redding to Long Beach).  My sister's family was there so we got to spend a day with them. 

 While Andrew was having a great time at the conference I got to stay with Steph and her kids at her parent's house.  We had a crazy house full of kids but it was so fun and such a blessing to get caught up. 

 We headed to Long Beach and spent time with Andrew's family.  It was great to see the kids with their Grammy and Papa Jim.

 The visit was complete with cousin time, family time, good food, and the beach. 

Andrew was able to pack it all up again which is a huge accomplishment!  Its crazy how we always have so much more things to bring home then we left with.