Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Kind of Snow

It has been raining for weeks here in Redding. I kind of just got used to not seeing the sun. I even went out and bought some rain boots and then woke up today to this. I love seeing the snow from a distance, that's my kind of snow:) I am thanking God today for a little break from the rain and enjoying the sunshine!

It's a...

We have had two official ultrasounds now confirming that this little baby is a GIRL!!! We are so excited and thank God for this sweet blessing. I am at 20 weeks now and find it very encouraging that I am half way done being pregnant. Not because it is so horrible being pregnant but we want to meet our little girl!

We had not discussed many names but Andrew surprised me over the holidays when he announced to my family that our baby girl's name would be Sadie Jane Callaway. I liked the name Sadie Jane because these names are close to our mom's names. My mom's name is Sandy or Sandra and Sadie is close to that and then Andrew's mom's name is Jan or Janet and Jane is similar to that. We thought naming our baby Sadie Jane would be one way we could honor both of our moms.

We had our big ultrasound today with our doctor and everything looks good with Sadie Jane. We are so amazed by God's goodness in keeping our baby healthy. Please keep praying that she will grow (well not too big!) and stay healthy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Belly Picture

Well I am a little behind on this because of the holidays. This is me at a little over 18 weeks.

I am able to eat normal food again but for now I am still on my medication for nausea. I tried to go without it two times and I always end up sick. My doctor told me that I will probably need to be on it for another month or so but to just keep trying to go without it once a week. I feel like I definitely look pregnant now which is very fun. I think I have felt the baby move but I am so new to all of this I am not sure. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will feel more confident in that. I have my big ultrasound in about a week and half so that will be fun to see the baby again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Date with Emmie

First Emmie had to get ready for the date so I put some nail polish on her the day before. She really wanted red so we went with it. I am so glad she is a girly girl! I decided to take her to the mall and just let her look in whatever store she wanted to. She told me as soon as we got out of the car that she wanted her ice cream now-a girl after my own heart! I didn't argue. We went to Baskin Robbins first thing. Then she took my hand and went into every jewelry store just so she could touch everything and the same with clothing stores. It was fun to see where she would lead me next. Emmie is more quiet than Isaiah but observes a lot and when she does have something to say it usually cracks us up. I love this little girl and have so much fun with her!

Date with Isaiah

I decided that since I would be in Merced and extra week without Andrew there I should take advantage of the time with my nephew and niece. I wanted to take them each out on a date just the 2 of us and I knew this would probably be the last opportunity to do it before our baby comes.
I took Isaiah to Petsmart and we saw all the animals a good five or more times. He led me around the store again and again until he was done and we finished off the date with ice cream of course! He is such a loving boy and is so fun to be with one on one. He will talk your ear off and say the funniest things. He tried to tell me how he can speak Spanish and told me some words and what they meant. Maybe they were close to Spanish words but they were not quite there yet. He's my buddy and I love him.

Christmas Pictures...Finally!