Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roommate Reunion 2010

This last weekend I was able to meet up with some old roommates for our annual roommate reunion. We all met up at Erin's house in Simi Valley and enjoyed the warm SoCal weather. I feel truly blessed to have each one of these girls in my life. We are able to just laugh at each other and ourselves and to reminisce about old times. These girls sharpen me and I am so thankful that our friendships are centered on Christ. I am already looking forward to our next reunion in 2011!

Erin and her puppies
This is why I love these girls. We crack each other up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Camp 2010

We took the Herd up to Klamath Falls, Oregon to have our first Winter Camp. It was so much fun to be with our students for a whole weekend. We met up with another youth group from Oregon that our friend, Will Costello, leads. It was fun to see both groups get to know each other and to be challenged in their walk with the Lord. I survived being in the snow and it was actually fun!
My husband geared up for the snow.

I think this was the best sledding shot I got of our group. Shae and Julia always made it entertaining!

This is the chapel that we met in to have all of our teaching sessions.

Group photo at the end of the trip. Check out Andrew's hat. It's his new favorite clothing item.