Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011


 Andrew and I both agree that SJ is the most fashionable one in our family.  She wore these boots today and every time I see her in them I smile. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2 by 32!

 This is how my birthday started off.  Andrew surprised me with a peppermint mocha from Starbucks (my favorite!!!) in the morning.  I sat it down for a second and left the room (what was I thinking???) and little SJ got her hands on it and when I came back in I found this!  Thankfully with a little bit of Shout, actually a lot of Shout and scrubbing I think most of it came out.  I am sure this is just the first of many of these little incidents.

 I got to go on a date with my two main men (that would be Andrew and Drew:) to Outback.  It was so nice to get a nice dinner and little Drew slept the whole time!  Andrew always likes to take pictures of our food so enjoy that.  You can tell I love getting my picture taken when I am eating.

I had a great day filled with fb messages, voicemails and phone calls from loved ones.  What were birthdays like before Facebook?  Its so fun to have people from all different chapters of your life wish you a happy birthday.  I feel very blessed at 32.  Andrew told me my phrase can be "2 by 32".  That made 32 sound even better.  I also decided like I like being an even number age rather than an odd.  I told Andrew that but also told him to not remind me that I said that when I am 39 about to be 40:)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sister and Brother Love


Our little SJ is 1 1/2!!!  I can't believe it but I can at the same time.  I really feel like this is maybe one of my favorite ages.  She is talking so much and able to do more and more things every day.  I am constantly surprised by the things she can comprehend.  I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I realized she can help me with things as she helped me put diapers in the basket we keep them in for Drew.  She continues to be a very happy little girl.  She wakes up saying, "happy day!"  She loves to eat and says please and shakes her head yes to ask for more food.  She loves putting things on her head and she loves trying to put on her shoes or any shoes for that matter.  Our little girlie loves to dance.  The other day she was crying and being a little dramatic then to make things worse she hit her head on one of her toys so the crying got louder.  But the toy started playing music and she immediately stopped to dance.  I love seeing her joy every day in simple things.  My prayer is that one day her joy will come from knowing and loving God. 

Our Little Man

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Time is Here!

 I was not sure if it was going to happen but it did, we got to decorate for Christmas!  Time is hard to find around here with two little ones so I am so excited we were able to get it done and can now enjoy it for the rest of the month.  Andrew put lights up outside and we both agree that we will actually like looking at the outside of our house with lights up.  Lights and snow make everything look better.  We love having our tree up and its nice smell is already filling our house.  Now it will be interesting to see how many times we will have to say "no touch" to SJ as she tries to play with the tree. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011