Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Our little SJ is 1 1/2!!!  I can't believe it but I can at the same time.  I really feel like this is maybe one of my favorite ages.  She is talking so much and able to do more and more things every day.  I am constantly surprised by the things she can comprehend.  I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I realized she can help me with things as she helped me put diapers in the basket we keep them in for Drew.  She continues to be a very happy little girl.  She wakes up saying, "happy day!"  She loves to eat and says please and shakes her head yes to ask for more food.  She loves putting things on her head and she loves trying to put on her shoes or any shoes for that matter.  Our little girlie loves to dance.  The other day she was crying and being a little dramatic then to make things worse she hit her head on one of her toys so the crying got louder.  But the toy started playing music and she immediately stopped to dance.  I love seeing her joy every day in simple things.  My prayer is that one day her joy will come from knowing and loving God. 

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