Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hollywood Bowl

We got to go the the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night with Joy and Tyler (Andrew's sister and her husband). It was a relaxing night enjoyed by all and I do think our favorite part was eating the turkey sandwiches from Gelson's. Good pick Joy!
The best part about the Hollywood Bowl...the parking

A Hard Week...

Erin and Lance are our dear friends. They are some of our favorite people to hang out with. What makes it more fun is Erin is my best friend from college and Lance is a close friend of Andrews from Long Beach. Erin and I were roommates after college for a few years and Andrew and Lance were roommates for a year or so before they both got married. It was very fun to watch our good friends get married and now it is fun to grow in our marriages together.

This week was hard as we grow in our friendship together we entered our first big trial. Sadly, for all of us, Erin's dad, Glen Jackson went to be with the Lord on Friday evening. We were encouraged as we got to watch Erin and Lance go through this trial over the last few weeks. They have been calm and confident in God's plan through all of this and have been a tremendous testimony to us.

We love you both!

Nelson Family Vacation