Monday, June 25, 2012

Dad's Last Sunday and Retirement Reception

We were so blessed to be able to be with my parents on their last Sunday at First Baptist.  My dad has been there 17 years and served faithfully.  When we moved to Merced my sister, Angie, was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore.  Angie was a trooper spending her senior year at a new high school.  She left for The Master's College the next year and left me behind (at least that is how I viewed it at first) for another two years.  I learned a few months after she left that being the "only child" was not so bad and I rather liked having more one on one time with my parents.  I followed her to Master's a few years later.  We got to make some memories while we were at FBC but my parents have spent the majority of their ministry there as empty nesters.  Although we have not been personally attending FBC for several years we have been blessed again and again by the people there in so many ways.  We are so grateful for the people that have loved us, provided for us and accepted us as one of their own simply because they love my parents which means they love us too.  One of these dear friends took pictures of this special day for us that we will cherish forever. 
Sadie Jane-2 years old

Micah-3 years old

Drew-8 months old

I love this picture of them!

Uncle Larry and Dad-one of our friends surprised my parents and flew my Uncle Larry (my dad's best friend from college) out from Texas to be here with us.

Our special friend, Corky and my Mom

Isaiah-8 years old (I can't even believe he is that old and almost as tall as me!!!)

Emmie-7 years old

Our friends, the Costello's, drove up from Valencia to be here with us

If you would like to listen to the sermon from that day here is the link  Andrew and Dave (my brother-in-law) both preached.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

These Days

 I must find myself with 2 kids on my lap at least a few times a day.  There are just those times when they both need some loving.  The great thing is they also get a kick out of being next to each other.  I love seeing how they have so much joy in watching one another right now.

This little guy had a big week of firsts.  First time throwing up (not one you really want to get excited about) and first tooth coming in.  Babies just seem so much older all the sudden when they get their first few teeth coming in.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Faithful Father and Pastor

I was trying to recall the first time I can remember listening to my dad preach.  The first visual picture I have of it is when we lived in San Diego.  Maybe I was in children’s church before that I am not sure but I just can’t picture it until then.  Previously, we had been in Texas and Fillmore, California.  My dad has been a senior pastor my whole life.  He was my first pastor and my favorite pastor until I myself married a pastor.  He’s still in the top 5 though!  In a little over a week my dad will not be retiring from ministry because I don’t think people in full-time ministry ever really retire, but he will be retiring from being a senior pastor.  I am excited for this new chapter in my parent’s lives and I am so interested to see how the Lord continues to use them but it is also so strange to me because I have never known him to do anything else.  We’ve known for several months that my dad was going to retire so being a woman, now a mom of two, and just more emotional as I age, I have been reminiscing more and more over his years of ministry.  I have fun memories like the time my dad all the sudden was up front singing a duet and I really had no idea he could sing.  Also, the time he told an embarrassing story about me from the pulpit and I made him promise to never to do that again.  I was about to enter junior high when that happened so you can imagine how I felt.  I thought my world was over.  He has stuck to that agreement as far as I know!  I have also been thinking about what I appreciate about my dad’s ministry.  I am thankful for his clear and accurate teaching of God’s Word.  I think like him so I am blessed by his teaching and I love the fact that you never walk away thinking now what was that all about?  You always know something new or are challenged to grow.  I am also grateful for his character.  He is honest, gracious and sober-minded.  Most of all he is a man of integrity.  I have seen his integrity played out in various ways throughout the years in good and bad situations.  He has never wavered.  I have also been thinking about the hard times our family has endured together in ministry. Every family goes through trials it’s just when you are a pastor’s family you usually go through some trials in ministry.  These trials are usually public and can leave you heart broken or if you are not careful, angry.  My dad has always been our strong leader in the midst of these trials.  He has been our leader because he has always been our example.  The only thing that angers him in times like this is if God and His Word are being dishonored.  He does not allow circumstances or people to dictate his emotions.  He is supremely gracious and ready to forgive anyone at any time.  I really believe that our family has grown to be so close because of being in ministry together for all of these years.  Through the good and the challenging times the Lord has given us each other to look to.  Ministry was always done as a family, as a team, growing up and I think it is only a testament to my dad doing things right that my sister and I also married pastors because we wanted to continue to serve in the church in this particular role. 
I am glad I have had opportunities to think of all the Lord has done through my dad’s simple desire to do the will of God.  My dad has been faithful to go where God has called him to serve and I know he will continue to be faithful.  It is the air he breathes and the food he eats to do the will of his Heavenly Father. 
I am so proud of you dad!  I am so thankful for all that you have done for me and for the people who have sat under your leadership and teaching.    

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I love this picture.  I love it because it is one of those times I actually got to capture a precious moment between Andrew and one of our kids.  There are several of these moments throughout the week that when they happen I always wish that my camera was near by.  Andrew is a great dad.  He is a great dad because he is a continual learner.  He wants to know how to be a godly father to train our children in the ways of the Lord but he also wants to know how to help out with the kids in all the small ways on a daily basis.  I love seeing how SJ adores her dad and wants to be with him all the time and wants to talk about him when he is at work.  I must answer the question, "Where daddy go?" ten times a day!  I love how Drew's face lights up with a big smile when Andrew walks in the door from work.  I think he already knows that daddy is his #1 bud.  I am so grateful that my children have such a godly example in front of them every day.  Happy Father's Day Andrew!!!  We love you!  Kim, Sadie Jane & Drew Drew:)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrating SJ

We had a fun couple of days celebrating SJ's 2nd birthday.  Grammy and Papa Jim came for a few days and were here on her birthday so we were all excited about that.  We took SJ out for her birthday and shared a blizzard with her for dessert.  She loves her ice cream just like her parents!  Our sweet neighbors left this chair out front of our house for her birthday and she wants to sit in it for every meal.  We are so grateful for our little 2 year old girl.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SJ Turns 2!!!

Well it happened.  I blinked and my newborn became a 2 year old!  Okay it kind of feels like it went that fast but at the same time it doesn't.  I know everyone tells you when your kids are little that before you know it they will be all grown up and I see what they mean in these 2 short years but at the same time it feels like she has always been a part of our family and that she has been in our lives much longer than 2 years.  I didn't realize how this birthday would really hit me.  It just seems like she is officially not a baby anymore which I guess should make me happy since I already have baby Drew to take care of.  I am excited to see how she will continue to learn and grow in this next year.  I am also so thankful for God blessing me with Sadie Jane on this day 2 years ago and making me a mom.  I never knew all that this new role would teach me and I never could imagine how blessed I would feel. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012