Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally Painted the Y

 Remember this?  Back in January, yes JANUARY, I started working on this project.  It was my goal to decorate our play room that month.  Well I failed big time and I am just now finishing it up.  After making these hoops which were super easy it still needed something.  I found these letters online and got them back in March.  All I had to do is paint them white and they would be good to go.  Sounds simple, right?  That's what I though until I got involved in the process.  I always seem to do something a little foolish in projects like these.  I should probably only do craft projects with others to guide me and keep me from making stupid mistakes.  First mistake was I decided why waste a few bucks on spray paint I have some paint leftover from our base boards that I can use.  Dumb idea!!!  I love spray paint and I love it for a good reason-it is so much easier to paint small things like this with.  So I found myself putting on several coats trying not to smudge what I had just painted and get into all the edges.  Then it decided to stick to the newspaper and cardboard I was painting it on.  No good but at least I got it done and we could finally hang it up.  Just as we were about to put them on the wall my smart husband showed me that I painted the WRONG SIDE of the Y.  I wanted to cry.  Why oh why did I think any kind of painting project was doable right now.  I am just happy to get the dishes done at night.  So my sweet husband sanded down the other side of the Y so I could paint it and it has been that task that for weeks I keep saying I will do but then the end of the day comes and I just can't get myself to pull out the paint to do it.  I kept telling Andrew tonight I am going to paint the Y or if something came up of something else I needed to do I would say, "I can't even paint the Y!"  But finally, yes finally the Y is complete and hanging up.  The funny thing is I am pretty sure I either didn't mix the paint well enough or might have used a different can of paint because the white on the Y looks like a bit of a different shade then the rest of the letters.  While this could make me breakdown after all the effort for not such a big project I choose to laugh.  I think God constantly uses big and small situations in my life to show me how much I want everything to look perfect and that is just not how it is.  I have nothing to boast in but Christ.  I will gratefully take my little imperfections throughout my house as reminders of how imperfect I am and in need of a Savior.  So there you go, a little devotional that all started with making hoops:)


Kim said...

Hey, I thought you were doing great to get them done by May! I'm impressed. I remember last year I didn't get around to dying Easter eggs with Dash and Euan until the summer.

Ashley said...

I love it! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I bought curtains from Ikea back in January and literally JUST hung them up two weeks ago. I can't tell you how many times Matt asked me when and if I would put up the curtains. ;) Your hoops and letters are really cute. I like the fabric you chose.