Monday, January 24, 2011

Day #12 Genuine Love

"Let love be one another with brotherly affection."  Romans 12:9 & 10

I was just reminded this morning how good Romans 12 is.  Its one of those chapters you just want to read again and again because there are so many good, convicting, challenging verses in it.  This one hit me hard.  It is one I really want to think on today.  I want to grow in loving others and this lays it out pretty clear on what that should look like.

Its getting close to nap time and SJ is letting me know.  I did get up early though!  Yeah for day #2!!!  I didn't get to read because I had a lovely dentist appointment.  I don't know if it should even be legal to have an 8am dentist appointment on a Monday.  I survived but my day is all thrown off.  Thankfully, I was still able to be in the Word while little SJ plays.  I am so grateful she doesn't crawl yet :)

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