Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #2

I made it through another day!  I am so thankful that SJ takes a morning nap and allows me to have this precious time in the Word.  Today I was stuck by the boldness of Peter.  After Christ has ascended to heave and the promised Holy Spirit comes to the believers he delivers his first sermon.  He says twice to the people that they were the ones responsible for killing Christ.  Acts 2:23 & 37-You crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men...whom you crucified.  He had a new boldness that is so drastically different from when he denied Christ three times.  I find myself wondering if I can be that bold?  Am I too concerned with pleasing others or do I want to proclaim the truth (in love of course)?  Peter was not trying to make friends this day or trying to say what would make the people feel good about themselves.  He was being faithful to the gospel, faithful to say the hard things, faithful to be used by God to bring people to repentance.  I want to be faithful to these same things.

Another question here-how do you stay focused during your Bible reading?  I have found in every stage of life it is harder and harder to stay focused and to not let my mind wander onto what I need to do next, or do tomorrow, or make for dinner.  I have to keep refocusing sometimes.  I try to pray before I read and ask the Lord to help me focus and I know I need to continue to do that.  Any other tips?

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The Skifter's said...

What about reading out loud? I can't absorb as well reading but I know if I pray out loud it keeps me focused so reading out loud might help you (if you're alone :))

or-think of a few questions to ask yourself each time-what is the passage saying, how do they relate together?, etc and write them down. I really like having a study guide with questions I have to answer.