Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Well this is unusual for me.  I usually just use this blog to post pictures of what's going on with us and mostly of SJ.  Andrew and I were talking the other day about how to keep yourself accountable in the Word.  He suggested blogging, tweeting (which I just don't do), or putting something on Facebook.  At first I was thinking, not that's just not me, but then I realized using this blog could really be a great tool for me and maybe an encouragement to my few followers:)  So all that to say I am challenging myself to try a new Bible reading system for 30 days and to see if it is the one for me.  This system is from a professor at The Master's College, Professor Horner.  I have heard about it for years but always thought, that's just not how I learn, I am a slow reader, I really need to take time to soak it in and understand it, but in reality I think just reading this much of the Bible totally intimidated me!  Here's the website to explain this system if you want to check it out http://www.scribd.com/doc/12349985/Professor-Grant-Horners-Bible-Reading-System

So, today was Day 1 and I have to say I just felt like I had a feast.  I got to read so much of God's Word and though it first seemed daunting at the end it felt like it flew by.  Now I know it is my first day and trying anything new the first time is usually fun and exciting so stick around and see how it goes for me! 

 I am going to try to post one verse that I hope to meditate on for the day.  Today it comes from Job 1:20-Then Job arose and tore his rob and shaved his head and fell on the ground and worshiped.  I am amazed, completely amazed at Job's response to the loss in his life.  Everything was taken away from him and all at once and this is what he did!  I find myself questioning and examining my own heart to see if my response would be worship.  Did you catch that?  He WORSHIPED God!  It seems like in that moment when everything was stripped from him that God's power His Sovereign Hand was made perfectly clear to Job and when we see more of who God is we are more in awe of Him and it can cause us to worship Him.  Now most of us are not going to have a trial like this, but we do have hard trials, and we do face small trials everyday.  I want my first response in whatever trial, big or small, to be to worship Him.

Okay, if you made it this far in the post, congratulations!  I know I am writing a lot but just know it is mostly for me to be able to journal and look back to see how the Lord uses this new Bible reading system in my life.  If it encourages you, great, and if you want to share with me what you are learning through your time in the Word I would love that too!

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Jenny said...

I just started that reading program after Andrew posted the link on fb. I figured I would try it for 30 days to see what I think, today is day 6. I like the variation of passages, but we'll see by day 30. I figured if I commented we could verbally hold each other accountable too :) Praying for you as the 17th nears closer!