Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day #5 Worthy to Suffer

"Then they left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name."
Acts 5:41

I am left not knowing what to write about this but I know that it is an important verse to think about because it is amazing that they were rejoicing because they got to suffer for God!  This is so foreign to me.  I can't think of one way I have had to suffer for God and especially not any kind of physical suffering.  But I can imagine if anything even close to this happened to me I am not sure my first response would be to celebrate.  I think the usual questions of "why me?" or "can't there be another way?" would come into my mind.  I want to think about this today and be challenged by the example of Peter and the apostles who were excited to be worthy to suffer for Christ.

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