Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nelson Family Christmas

Me and my sweet baby boy

All the cousins had fun watching each other

Micah has learned how to do the Torres smile well

Emmie is a pro at posing with her presents

Our annual happy birthday Jesus cake

We devoured this ginger bread house that our friend Corky made for us

We took a trip to a small zoo in Merced

I told Andrew to not take any pictures of just the animals because what are you going to do with those pictures anyways.  He tried hard but squeezed this bear picture in so I let him keep it:)

These 2 became buddies and this picture cracks me up.  SJ looks like she is about to do something bad and Micah looks a little worried about her being the driver.

We tried to get a good big sister/little brother picture here but we'll have to try again

SJ had a lot of good cousin bonding time.  She is going through cousin withdrawals.  She keeps saying, "Emmie? Eva? Minah (that's Micah)?

This is what you do when you have 6 kids and 6 adults staying in a 3 bedroom house.  You have a room totally devoted to the luggage:)

Isaiah was so sweet with little Drew.  He kept letting Drew know that Drew was his little buddy and Isaiah was Drew's big buddy.

My parents were given some salami and this made my husband happy for the whole time we were there.  He felt the need to do a special salami platter for New Year's Eve complete with a mickey mouse face and all.

We had a great time with the family and are already looking forward to getting together again soon!

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