Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Bit of SJ

 I did it.  I bought my daughter jeggings!  They are super cute on her but they also fit her way better than normal jeans.  She needs a little stretch in her pants with her big belly:)  She's getting so big.  I can now put her hair in a ponytail and pig tails.  She really loves Drew and loves getting next to him and talking to him or pointing out all his features (eyes, mouth, nose). 
Our friends, the Harasick's, gave us this book for the kids.  We try to read it to SJ at night a few times a week. She loves it and calls it her Bible. 

SJ loves Wednesday nights.  Wednesdays are when the Herd (our church youth group) meet at our house.  She gets a kick out of everyone being here and I know she likes the attention she gets.  Its a fun time to see her interact with the students and I am trying to use it as a time to train her to stay still as we sing at the beginning.  

Now I just need to work on getting some more pictures of Drew.  He doesn't do much yet so I have not taken many pictures of the little guy.  I will work on it!

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