Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Pics

 Here begins the random pictures from the past few weeks.  I have snapped these here and there and thought I would post them but time is slipping away from me lately.  SJ's new favorite thing to do is to pull out clothes and put them on herself.  She usually drapes it on like this or puts in on her head.  She has a thing for hats.
 We were super excited to finally find a dresser for SJ.  Her clothes were in a pile on her closet floor for a while because we moved her drawers into Drew's room.  We found this one at a consignment store, took the boy knobs off, sold them on Craigslist and bought these new silver ones.  I am so glad SJ's clothes have a home now!

 It's a little harder to get a good picture of SJ these days.  She is constantly on the go and does not want to sit still for a picture.  So this is the best one I got for my mom to see SJ wearing the jean jacket she gave her.
 I LOVE when this happens!  Things get really quiet and I look around to see SJ looking through books all by herself in her playroom.  I am glad she likes to be with people but I am also very glad she can have some alone time too.
 I took this picture for Aunt Cara.  SJ loves all the clothes you gave her (and well mommy does too of course:) but she especially loves this hat.  She loves wearing it around the house.
 Here I am 37 weeks pregnant.  I am so excited that it is finally October.  This pregnancy has gone fast but at the same time I was not sure if October would ever get here!!!  It's sinking in more and more every day that we are really going to be a family of 4.  This week I am hoping to get my bag ready for the hospital.  It's funny how I have already forgotten what I will need.  It's not like I didn't go through this just a little over a year ago!
 We got to have SJ's friend Ashlee come and hang out with us this week.  Andrew had the great idea of doing a picnic.  It's the best way to feed 2 toddlers with easy clean up!

Today was a full day.  We went to a home and garden show at our convention center.  We were able to get all the freebies which mostly included candy and pens as well as get a little Lakers' pennant for Drew's room.  We also took SJ to her 1st football game to see one of our guys from the youth group score a touchdown!  She liked it for the most part but really wanted to get down and walk around-a true toddler right now. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the randomness!

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