Monday, October 17, 2011

39 Weeks and Waiting

We are officially on baby watch these days.  I am over my cold and I think SJ is too so we are ready for Drew to come.  Its such a weird thing waiting for a baby to arrive.  You wake up each day thinking-today could be the day.  Andrew is very excited to meet his son and keeps hoping we will be at the hospital soon.  I am trying to get rest and also soak up as much time I can with SJ.  These last days of just me and her are so precious to me and I don't want to busy myself so much that I don't stop and just play with her.  So hopefully the next post on our blog will be introducing Drew to you all!!!


Rick Wahler said...

Lovely lady-Mommy! Excited for you!

Ashlee said...

I agree!! You look so beautiful Kim!!