Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday Reflections

I have always wanted to be better at reviewing the sermon that I heard on Sunday during the week.  It is so easy to leave church thinking, that was a great one, and then by the next day forgetting what was even taught.  So, I thought I would try to post something I learned from the sermon each Sunday.  I hope this will help me remember and also help me to apply what I have learned so I am not just being a hearer of the Word but a doer.

Pastor Barry taught a great message on Romans 14:1-8 describing the weaker and stronger brother.  I really have never understood this passage as well as I do now. 

The People:
The weak in faith: Paul shows that he does not agree with them.  He disagrees but does not think they are in sin or being legalistic because this person thinks this is the best way to honor God.
The strong in faith: Understands the Lord is over all and gave us all things to use for the glory of God.  Warning-the strong can try to go as far as they can in their liberty without sinning.
(there's a balance)
The Practices:
For the strong: Accept the weak, don't despise them, don't try to change them and try to make them like you.
For the weak: Stop judging the stronger, questioning them.  Accept them as a vital part of the family of God.
For both the strong and weak: Be fully convinced in your own mind of your conviction.  Have a strong hold of how you are to please the Lord in your life. 
The Perspective:
1. God has accepted them (v.3): He has welcomed them and received them into His family.  Who am I to reject them?
2. God owns them (v.8): We are His possession.  We are the Lord's both the weak and the strong.  Who are you to judge the slave of another?
3. God will cause them to stand (v.4): This is the persevering grace of God.  He who began a good work in you will complete it.  Why be so bothered when God will bring us all to Him in the end?

*Main point*
Inseparable love should triumph irreconcilable differences.

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