Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trust in the Lord or Trusting in Me?

"You who fear the Lord, trust in the Lord!  He is their help and their shield."  Psalm 115:11

Our pastor is doing a short series in some of the Psalms.  I have been trying to study the chapter he has preached on throughout the week and this verse ministered to my soul today so I thought I would share it.  Here's some thoughts for my 3 faithful blog readers:)

You must fear the Lord before you can trust Him.  You must know who He is and look at Him with awe and respect.  Can we flip this?  If we are not trusting the Lord we are not fearing the Lord.  We are looking to ourselves or to our own abilities to trust in or we could be relying on someone else (when I type "we" I am saying me, me, me I am so lame, just so you know:).  When I think about God and who I know Him to be there is no reason I cannot immediately without hesitation put my trust in Him.  The problem is I tend to not think about what I know to be true about God in the midst of an opportunity to trust Him.  I tend to think of me-how it effects me,  What can I do, what do I think about it (are you seeing a pattern here or what?).  I need to confess my selfishness and change my natural way of thinking.  I want my first thoughts in these situations to be-what does God say about this, how can I see Him in all of this, what do I know to be true about God.  

He is my help and shield whether I am choosing to trust Him or not in a situation.  But think of the amount of help and joy I could have if I was working on my heart to trust Him faster, to trust Him more, to trust Him and Him alone.

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