Friday, August 10, 2012

Serving in His Strength

Being a mom is hard.  I know that is not anything new to most of you but it just has to be said.  I am not sure if there are season that are harder than others but I would imagine every stage has its own difficulties and delights.  Right now I feel like we are in a crazy season.  We have a 2 year old that needs constant training and discipline and a 9 month old that just started to crawl!  Yesterday was another hard day, which lately I would say I probably have about 2 to 3 hard days each week with them.  They are not bad children, they are just a handful and I get tired.  It was good to have another hard day because I was listening to a radio program and they were talking about something completely different but they talked about relying on God.  It is a simple truth, nothing profound but it was profound to me.  God has given me these 2 little kids to show me, once again, that I must depend on Him.  This truth took my "I need a break" mindset to a "I need to depend on God" mindset in a matter of minutes.  

I looked at this verse this morning to reflect on today as I know my 2 year old will whine and probably ask my the same question 20 times.  I also know my 9 month old will go to the 2 things that he can't touch and repeatedly touch them again and again.  "Serve by the strength that God supplies-in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ."  I Peter 3:11.  I need to not only have a mindset to depend on God but it must go further than that.  I need to depend on God not to get me through the day, to help me not blow up, but I need His strength to glorify Him in being a mom.  It is about Him, not about me.  I am here to worship and bring glory to God in whatever season I am in.  Today I will turn to God for strength before the lovely chaos starts so that I might glorify Him.

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