Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Pinterest Continues to Humble Me

I really should not be allowed to look at Pinterest anymore.  I just can't be trusted with projects.  Even though I have made some recipes and taken some ideas that have worked when it comes to projects around the house things get a little more tricky.  The thing is, no matter how many projects have bombed or just became harder than they had to be, I always go back to trying another one!  In the past few weeks, I tried to make a smore pie simply because I thought my husband would like it.  The recipe was not that easy and it turned out tasting okay but was not worth the effort.  Then we move on to making one those easy chalkboard that we've all seen all over Pinterest.  You get a frame, get a piece of wood to paint witch chalkboard paint, and viola you get a new board to write things on.  Sounds simple, right?  Well for me it means paint the frame twice before you like it, try the chalkboard paint on a flimsy board and it fails so then buy a piece of wood and paint that.  Now we are just trying to figure out how to secure it to the frame.  I also didn't realize how dirty a chalkboard will be.  I know, I know, what am I thinking???  Another project we have going is our guest bathroom.  It all started with a new towel bar that I found in the clearance section at Target.  Like any frugal wife I got it and thought it would be an easy fix to help our bathroom look a little nicer.  Then it went like this-took old towel bar off, needed to do some touch ups with the paint, realized we didn't have any paint to do touch ups, pick out new paint, buy 2 samples to put on the wall and test out, don't like either sample, buy 1 more sample, didn't like it, taped a paint chip up on the wall to see what we thought, tired of buying samples so we just went for it, bought new lights since we are fixing things up anyways, take down lights and realize it is a sloppy job with holes in the wall new lights will not work, finish painting and leave the tape up too long, tape continues to pull off paint as we pull the tape off, spray paint old lights to make them look better, use 1 whole bottle of spray paint and can still see gold shining through, send hubby to Lowes to get one more can:)  So if anyone made it through that congratulations!!!  I just think Pinterest is there to humble me as I try these new things and fail a lot of times. I am continuing to learn to laugh and to remember life is not perfect, I am not perfect and that's okay.  Enjoy the pics to see these little projects that will one day be complete!

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