Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Summer Vacation, Part 1

 Our summer vacation finally came!  It's amazing what you have to bring for 10 days with 2 little kids.  First stop was a lake house near Twain Harte.  We met up with my side of the family there.  We spent every morning at the lake which was beautiful.  SJ couldn't contain her excitement as she got to go swimming every day.  She's our little fish and Drew can't stand the water. 
 This is how all good road trips in the Callaway family begin!
 SJ travels best with all 3 blankies near by.  Hey, whatever it takes to keep them calm:)  We love vacation because we get to spend time with family but we also love it because of the food!  We always try to plan it so we can stop at Chickfila for lunch.

 My sister planned a lot of fun things for the kids to do in the morning and afternoon.  Here they are on a nature scavenger hunt.  SJ was just glad to run around outside.

 We played speed scrabble one night and Andrew dominated like usual.  Here's his best one yet!  He felt the need to take a picture of his brilliance.

Unfortunately our last night there Drew got the stomach flu.  We packed up the next morning and prayed we could make it smoothly to our next stop.  We didn't get to do much our last evening there but we were grateful for the time we had.  SJ loves her cousins and Drew likes watching all the excitement too.  Our next stop was near the coast in Jenner...

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