Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Resolved Notes

At the next session Al Mohler preached on "How to Do the Will of God."  It was very practical and helpful.

He said there are many wrong views of God's will out there.  Some people view it as something you have to go search for like a buried treasure or a big mystery.  Some people don't seek it out because they are afraid of what it might be.  These wrong views are an insult to God's character.

15 Things You Already Know About the Will of God for your Life:
1.  That you were born
2.  That you will die (therefore time is precious!)
3.  That you grow
4.  That you were made male and female
5.  That you believe in Christ
6.  That you follow Christ as His disciple
7.  That you trust and obey the Scriptures
8.  That you obey and respect all authorities
9.  That you be married
10.  That you be faithful in marriage
11.  That you be deeply involved in the local church
12.  That you lead (influence others)
13.  That you develop your gifts for God's kingdom
14.  That you share the gospel
15.  That you do everything for the glory of God

I love how this sermon made something that we do view as so hard to know very easy and basic to understand.  I wish I had heard this when I was younger!  It is good for me to think about now in choosing what to spend my time doing.  It is good for me to have this information to share with other young people as well as they finish high school or college and are looking to do the next thing.

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