Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Ready for our Baby Boy

As our baby boy will be coming in October I figured it was time to get ready for him.  I made a list of things we need to get done that seems a bit overwhelming but I know God is always good to allow me the time to tackle different tasks.  I was super encouraged when we got the first thing off our list done last Saturday-organize the garage.  This is always such a dreaded thing, not sure why, but once we got started it only took us a few hours.  Then a few days ago we were able to get a crib and changing table on Craigslist.  I love Craigslist!  It has served us well.  I also finally found some bedding that I like and that Andrew liked for this little boy and ordered that so it should be here any day.  God has already provided above and beyond and fast!  Hopefully after our vacation I will feel more energized (yeah right I will be starting my 3rd trimester next week!) and I can start the next thing on our list. 

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Lance & Erin Skifter said...

We have the same crib and changing table!