Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Camp

 We headed to the Oregon coast for our church's family camp.  We were happy to stop and stay one night with the Costello's along the way.  We got to meet the newest addition to the family, Ivan Tate and after many attempts we got a good group photo.
 We got to the coast and experienced rainy weather so that put a damper on things.  We were still able to enjoy our yurt (that's what this tent thing is called) and have some fellowship with our church family.  We are not campers so this yurt works for us!

 My man making me a fire because it was cold!!!  I couldn't believe I could be in so much rain and cold in the middle of July.

 SJ loved being on the top bunk with daddy.  After a long drive we made it back home.  Now to conquer the laundry from the trip!

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Ashlee said...

Yurt does look like the way to go. If we were going back I would definitely want to try this. You should check out Yosemite sometime. They have really nice cabins. I think you would enjoy it!! :D