Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Boxes

This Christmas is SJ's first and it has been quite the challenge for me to be okay with spending it living out of boxes.  We have no tree and our stockings are not hanging but that's okay because the good part is she's not old enough to remember:)  We put in an offer on a house back in August and now we are just waiting for everything to be finalized so we can get the keys to our new place.  These last four months have been a huge test in patience and the Lord has revealed a lot to me through waiting, waiting and more waiting.  Andrew reminded me of something from Christ's birth that really helped me to stop being so selfish wanting everything to be perfect.  He said that Mary probably wasn't expecting to have Jesus in a stable so I can be okay with having Christmas in boxes.  It might sound silly but it did help me get over myself and put things into perspective.  So there's 5 days until Christmas and I am still praying that we can get the keys to our new place before then but I want to be prepared that it might not happen and that's okay.  God has so richly blessed my life that all of this house stuff is so small in comparison to all He has graciously given me.  Christmas will be Christmas as long as we celebrate the birth of Christ and it will be an extra blessing to have Andrew and SJ with me no matter where we are.   

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Tricia said...

I feel ya Kim! We have a tree w/no decorations. We haven't even attempted to get the boxes of Christmas stuff down. I'm sure glad there's plenty of Christmas lights to look at as we drive thru town, otherwise my kids wouldn't know its Christmas!