Friday, September 4, 2009

Segway Tour

This morning we went on a Segway tour by the Sacramento River in Redding. We saw this advertised in some magazine when we first moved here and both thought it would be fun. We knew people would think we are tourists but at least Andrew would get to ride a Segway which he has wanted to do for a while. So I knew I would not be a Segway expert but I really bombed. I was feeling good after practicing a while and then in the last 30 minutes I just kept losing control. I even ran into the other couple on the tour! After apologizing a few times to them I think they got over it but I felt like a fool! Oh what a wife does for her husband:) All that to say, I will probably stay away from the Segways but Andrew was a natural of course and might be going at it again.
Here's the helmet picture I was hoping for!
This is when I was praying, "Dear Lord, please do not let me eat it on the bridge with all of these people!"

Do not be fooled-I have no idea what I am doing!

The Segway master!


Matthew said...'re such a good wifey!! I bet Andrew loved every minute of it and even if you didn't know what you were doing you still look like a pro. Your dinner pictures are so fun too! I hope it was a good time both days of celebrating Andrew. :)

kelly said...

you are brave!!! I just know I would run over people or wreck or fly out into the middle of traffic...

Scott and Val said...

That's AWESOME! There are segway tours around DC and we have yet to do one. You've truly inspired us, though. :)

Kim said...

How fun! I think I'm inspired to find a segway tour for John and I!