Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Birthday Man!

We are celebrating Andrew's 29th birthday today and tomorrow. It's his last twenties birthday so we figure it is worth two days of celebration. It started off today by a special birthday breakfast. Tonight we are going out to dinner so my manly man can get some steak. Then tomorrow we are taking a segway tour in Redding. Andrew has wanted to ride a segway forever so it should be fun. I on the other hand will be good entertainment watching me try to ride that thing. Then to end it all tomorrow night we are going to have a game night with some friends from church. Andrew is a big gamer so he usually chooses game nights to celebrate his birthday. Keeps things simple for me. More pictures to come! (especially of the segway tour- we have to wear helmets and that is always makes a great picture opportunity!)

Happy Birthday Honey! Let the celebration begin!!!

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Kim said...

Happy birthday, Andrew!