Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anniversary Trip

We started on our anniversary trip Sunday afternoon. Our big plan was to make it to Portland but when we heard Seattle was so close by we figured we had to do both.
Our first stop was dinner with the Costello's in Grants Pass. We got to see their new place that they are moving into this weekend. We were all in awe of how God provides so fast and far beyond what we ask or think!

As you can tell, Will is very excited!

Andrew made him pose for this one to show the best part of the house-the built-in shelves and fireplace. Every man's dream!

Annette and me with Liam. Liam chose to spit up all over me that night. That is when you know the really like you! Here's Annette's new window seats-something she has always wanted.

This is me saying onward to Eugene!

After our first night in Eugene we stopped at some outlets on they way to Portland. There are so many beautiful flowers in Oregon. We loved these right outside of one of the stores we were in.

We made it to Portland on the second day of our road trip. We stopped at these rose gardens that overlooked the city. Everything smelled so nice!

The two queens in Andrew's life.

This one is for my mom-she loves yellow roses.

Andrew sipping his rose tea. We decided we are not fans of rose tea but we always take free samples.

Downtown Portland

This was our summary of Portland too. There are a lot of different people there and they are proud of it.

We spent the night in Seattle and then went around the city on our third day. All I knew about Seattle is there is a place they throw fish and the original Starbucks is there. We got to see both!

Fish throwing place-these guys are huge!

Original Starbucks

So much fresh fruit and beautiful flowers

We had lunch at our beloved Cheesecake Factory. We love that place! We had a great view of the city too.

This one is for you Joy! We took a picture of Andrew's sister, Joy, at the original Nordstroms.

Last picture in Seattle-the space needle a must!

We started heading back to Eugene for the night and stopped in Olympia. We decided we really like this place and hope to go there again one day soon. Andrew felt the need to stop at the state capitols so here is our first stop at Washington's state capitol.

And this would be our second stop in Salem, Oregon at their state capitol. That is me-the small little figure on the right.

This is us heading back home from Eugene on Wednesday to end the trip. It was a great time and so fun to visit two cities on this road trip. We were super exhausted by it all but it was worth it!


Scott and Val said...

Very nice! You were in Scott's home turf. He grew up in Olympia. :)

Kyle, Steph, and Suzie said...

So fun! You're hair looks so good. I miss you!