Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our Boy is 1!!!!

Well, it happened.  Our little boy turned 1!  I can believe it and can't believe it all at the same time.  I feel like I have wanted him to be 1 since he was born.  Don't get me wrong.  I have enjoyed the good parts of the newborn/baby stages but it just seems like things get a bit easier when they turn 1.  Now that it is here I am not sure how I feel about it!  I just realized he does not have that newborn smell anymore and that he is going to continue to grow more and more independent.  Oh birthdays!  They are happy/sad occasions for us parents.  We love our Drew Drew.  He is either super happy or super cranky.  There's no guessing with him.  You know exactly how he is feeling.  For the most part he is happy so we are thankful.  He loves his daddy.  He bounces up and down when Andrew comes home and grunts until he comes and picks him up.  When Andrew has to hand him over to me he holds on to Andrew with the death grip.  He loves his sissy.  He is constantly laughing at her and has no problem wrestling with her.  He does not even complain when she tackles him and sits on top of him.  He's a tough little guy.  He loves his mommy.  Come on I had to include that!  He is a cuddly guy and still will lay his head down on my shoulder.  I love that.  
I love to think of what a blessing his little life is.  When I first got pregnant with him we thought that I had miscarried.  A few days later we found out I was still pregnant.  I had a feeling right then that this baby was a boy.  I just pictured a little fighter in thereMy doctor told me I was likely going to miscarry and by God's grace I didn't.  After my 1st trimester everything looked good and there was no reason to think the baby would be in any harm.  It's easy to forget how precious life is but thinking back on all of this reminds me.  I remember praying for Drew and that if God would allow him to live that He would save Drew and use him in a mighty way for His kingdom.  That is still my prayer for our boy.  I don't know what that will look like but I wait and hope and I am excited to see what the Lord does in Drew's life in the years to come.  

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