Monday, November 7, 2011

What SJ Has Been Up To...

 In case any of you have been wondering what SJ has been up to while we adjust to having another little one in the house here's a little summary.  She learned how to go down a slide.
 She's learning to earn her keep and pitch in around the house.
 She keeps herself entertained while Mommy is busy by pulling out everyone of her cards and tossing them to the side.
 Then she moves on to her room and pulls out all of her shoes.
 She takes over the living room.
 Then she stops to admire her little brother.
And today she moved on to bigger things-she learned how to use a spoon!
I feel like my baby girl grew up over night.  She continues to amaze me with what she learns to do on a daily basis and all that she comprehends.  Its hard having 2 babies that are so close in age but they are both at such fun stages that I can enjoy.  SJ is a joy and is our daily entertainment.  Its fun to see what she will do next.  Drew is our little newborn that eats and sleeps on you and we know those days will not last long.  What a joyful challenge parenting is!


Ashley said...

I couldn't agree more! You look wonderful, Kim! I'm so happy you're enjoying the moments of mommyhood. I wish I was close by so we could live life together. Thanks for putting up pictures...

Ashlee said...

Here is other ashlee ;) Ashlee was helping me (dis)organize yestday too. I was trying to reorganize a few things and as quickly as I would put something away or was busy with something she was pulling another thing out. Like this morning I have some makeup that I keep down below and as I was putting on my makeup she had put on blush on her face and had sprinkled eye glitter all over the floor. yikes! So today I have residual glitter on my shirt. I am very thankful for my little helper. She is trying so hard to do things on her own and be miss independent. I just need to pray for patience letting her try things because I know things are going to take longer and not be too upset when there are lots of messes to be cleaned up. I look forward to getting the girls together again. :)