Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Been One Year!

Andrew and I have been thinking back to this time last year a lot lately. So many big things happened a year ago and it is good to remember. First, I have been a full-time homemaker for one whole year! My last day was May 5th last year and I still find myself so thankful to be at home. I am also grateful that I was able to be home for a whole year before Sadie Jane comes. For me, it has been a blessing to just learn how to take care of my husband and home better. Also, Andrew graduated from seminary one year ago. For some reason it seems longer but in a good way. Pretty soon, June 1st, we will celebrate our first year in Redding. We are so overwhelmed by God's goodness in bringing us here. We have learned so much this first year and hope to keep on pressing forward to glorify God in the ministry He has graciously given us.

I was so blessed to celebrate my 1st mother's day last Sunday. Andrew was very sweet and got me this orchid. I feel so thankful to be able to be a mommy.

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rosemary said...

Hi Kim and Andrew,
What Amazing Grace we all have.
It is so good to have your blog address again and to see what the last year has brought!
You were on your way to Redding. . .
We were on our way to selling in Calif and moving to Maui just a year ago. . .
The Lord provides- Jehovah Jirah
Lanny now attends church faithfully and searches for fellowship and training in the ways of the Lord!
I continue to fly and count our blessings.
Congratulations on Sadie Jane and every good gift in your life. Hope to see you all on island one day.
You are always welcome.
aloha hui ho,