Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Birthday Weekend Adventure

1st day of birthday weekend: Friday, October 31st

We started our adventure in Newhall and our first stop was to see Suzie. Ang and Mom had not seen her but have been praying for her this whole time. You can tell how excited they were to finally meet this special little girl.
2nd stop was at In-N-Out for lunch. No Nelson Family trip is complete without at least one meal there.
Next stop, Las Vegas. Where's the first place we went? To the closest restroom found in the mall. That's how it is when you are traveling with all girls!

Then it was time for dinner. The funny thing is that we all got something different. Can you guess you who got what?
Well I gave this one away. Anyone that knows me well knows that pizza will always be my first choice.

2nd day of birthday weekend: Saturday, November 1st

April, my old friend and roommate from college, lives in Vegas with her husband, Mako and the cutest daughter ever, Karis. She was so sweet to be our tour guide to show Mom and Ang the sites on Saturday morning.

This was a special picture for Andrew to remind him of our favorite show to watch together-The Amazing Race.

We are not sure why this statue behind us has no head...
Ang pretended that she she was actually in Paris.

Now for the main event...we got all dressed up with our cowgirl hats, thanks to Mom, for the PBR World Series.

They did a really fun opening for the night. It was a lot more fun and entertaining than I expected.
I love how patriotic country people are.

This is my favorite one of Mom. She had such a great time seeing all the bull riders in person. It was such a fun experience to have with her and to see her so happy. She's easy to please!

Mom with her favorite rider. Yes, she has a favorite.

3rd day of brithday weekend: Sunday, November 2nd
Saying goodbye to April, Mako, and Karis.
We headed back to Santa Clarita and decided we had to do at least one slot machine while being in Vegas. While we were at a gas station on the way out my mom gave me one whole quarter to go crazy with. This was the result:

Overall it was a great weekend. We got lost every time we went somewhere, we ate good food, we had good uninterrupted time to fellowship, we took fun pictures, we laughed a lot, and we finally understand in a small way why mom loves to watch bull riding so much.
Happy Birthday Ang and Mom!


Lesley said...

I love that your Mom is into the PBR...how fun! A girl after my own heart! :) Looks like y'all had a blast...great pictures!

kelly said...

how fun!! LOVED the photos. i'm so glad you had that awesome weekend. :)

Kim said...

What a fun time! I'm so interested in PBR now...I'll have to try and watch it sometime.