Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister

To my favorite sister (and my only sister:))-

Happy Birthday!!! You are such a gift from the Lord. I am so grateful to have a older sister who has been my constant friend throughout the years. You are always preferring others, are always calm (good things since baby #3 is on the way), and serve the Lord faithfully.

The biggest thing I appreciate about you is that you are a loyal friend and not just to me! You have always remembered what I tell, followed up on things I share with you, and show genuine concern about me. I always feel special around you.

I remember one Christmas mom got us new charms for our very cool charm bracelets. She gave us one that was half of a heart and said "best friends" on it. We thought it was kind of cheesy at the time but when mom explained it she said that she wanted that for us to remember that we should always be best friends.

As we know mom is always right! You are a best friend to me and I am grateful that God for that blessing.

I love you and miss you always-I am really wishing you lived right around the corner today.

Your little sis

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Cherie said...

Sisters have such a special bond. I'm a big sister to two special ladies. I've been fortunate to live close (20 minutes away) from my youngest sister for the past 3 1/2 years. We've had a lot of time to make up for since we lived a country away from each other for over 30 years. I always envied my friends who lived near their sisters.