Saturday, June 7, 2008

Emmie is a big 3 year old now

My niece, Emmie, turned 3 last weekend. I got to fly up to Sacramento for her birthday party. It is such a joy to be an aunt and to be there for these special days in their life. I thank the Lord for this little girl. She is my little Emmie.

This was me attempting to get a picture with both of them. The only one I have was from Emmie's first birthday and both her and Isaiah are crying and I am laughing. I look like a mean Aunt. So I tried again but as you can tell Emmie is not so into it and Isaiah, well he's a true boy.
Emmie's gift from her parents was dress up clothes. Her's her showing some of them off. My sister, Ang, and I think she looks like an 80's princess with those glove things.

Isaiah lost 2 teeth!
She's a gum lover just like her Aunt.

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Cherie said... look very sweet with a little one in your arms...