Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Legacy of Love

Last weekend we had the honor of going to a memorial service for one of my favorite people, Billie Siglin. Bill and Billie have been going to my dad's church for a long time and have been like grandparents to me. Billie went to be with the Lord a few weeks ago and for all of us that knew and loved her it is a great loss.

The greatest thing about Billie was her love for people. She loved joyfully, she loved continually, and she loved instantly. One of her daughters said that she left a legacy of love that we should all carry on and I thought that was the greatest way to put it.

I will miss Billie and it will be weird to go home for a weekend and not see her when I am at my dad's church, but I know that she is praising our Lord in heaven. I can't wait to see her again. The greatest thing about when people you love go to be with the Lord is that it gives you more of an eternal perspective. I long to be in heaven to be with the Lord and now I long for it more to be with Billie again too.

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The Skifter's said...

I got to meet Billie and she was the sweetest, most welcoming lady.