Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Spring Break Trip

Andrew and I were blessed to be able to get a little time away this last week during his spring break. Our first stop was the Midway in San Diego. We were able to get tickets from our friend, Rick, who actually served on this ship while he was in the Navy. Andrew liked to imagine how it would have been to be in Top Gun.
The whole reason we came to San Diego was for the wedding of one of our friends, Dennis, from The Master's Seminary. He and Claudine were married in Balboa Park and we had a fun time looking around the park.

Our next stop was Hume Lake. Andrew gave me the news of our little vacation for my Valentine's Day present. It seemed back in February that it was so far away but really came quickly. Andrew has grown up going to this camp but I had never been there to stay.

There was not much to do but to read, walk, and of course watch some good movies. We had no choice but to relax and we loved every minute of our time up there.

This is where we stayed. We were so blessed to get a great view out of our room. The camp was very dead and we wondered for a while if we were the only one staying in this lodge.

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