Sunday, January 13, 2013


We hear this a lot, "it's just the season of life you are in."  It is comforting to hear this when the season is hard and you are hoping it will pass.  Then there are mixed emotions because every season has its hard parts and good parts.  We tend to want the bad ones to hurry on and the good parts to last forever.  Sickness with little ones is one of those hard parts that you want to pass.  Who wants to see their babies in pain or not their usual selves?  The only good part to having sick kids is you have to slow down, you have to stay home and sometimes that is just so good for us.  

For the past few weeks the kids have been sick off and on.  They must think it is fun to keep giving each other the stomach flu:)  For a week Andrew and I have had bad colds.  Not just the usual cold that makes you feel lousy for a day or so but the kind that just knocks you out and all you want to do is lay on the couch.  Well you know how this story goes.  You can't exactly lay on the couch and hope all is well with your 2 and 1 year old.  The Lord definitely had to stretch me this week and He was faithful like always to provide strength for me to serve my 2 kids and Andrew.  We are hoping the worst is behind us and that we can officially start 2013 on a better note.  For now I am thankful for the down time at home and for fun memories with my family like having tea parties with SJ, snuggling with Drew and drinking Nyquil every night with Andrew. 

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