Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being Content with Inconsistency

I feel like I have been learning a lot lately about motherhood.  While I don't think this will blow your socks off I do think it is stuff that if you are a mom you will say, "oh yeah I remember that" or "yep dealing with that right now."  You see I love schedules.  I love to do the same thing every day at the same time.  I love to know how my day is going to look.  Sometimes this is fine and it is a strength of mine.  Sometimes this causes me to sin and it is a huge weakness.  You would think after I had one baby that I would have become more flexible and I like to think I have but with 2 I am seeing that I need to become even more flexible and just know that every day might look different and that's okay.  Right now I am trying to be consistent in two things-spending time with God and exercising.  Those are always my 2 things that I am working on!  I have been struggling to find what is realistic at this stage in my life.  I always want to be balanced and have to wrestle with things to figure out what that looks like.  I am happy to say that God has allowed me to be consistent with these 2 things over the past week and it has been amazing.  But every day is different so I am just trying to be thankful for the days when I get things done.  Right now I have a baby boy that does not want to sleep in the afternoon and a little girl who keeps getting up in the middle of the night for different reasons.  If it is not one thing its the other right?  But instead of looking at these things as interruptions I want to see them as what I am here to do, what I have the privilege of doing-being a wife and a mom.

So let's see what today has for me...

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