Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Just Get Through It

Tonight was one of those nights.  SJ started throwing up around 4:30 and I just put her down around 8:30 hoping she will have a good night sleep and feel better in the morning.  She's been cranky since Monday so I was wondering if she was sick or teething.  I had just prayed that God would make it clear what was wrong when she turned hysterical and threw up all over the kitchen floor and all over me.  I found myself standing in the kitchen with a crying baby and I was drenched in throw up.  I was hoping to think of a terrific plan to get her to the bathtub with the least possible mess but when you are all alone in these situations there's just no good way to do it.  We spent the next couple hours in the bathroom near the bathtub just in case it happened it again.  A few hours later I was rocking her trying to get her to go to sleep and I thought these are the times that you just get through it and after the fact you think-how did I do that?  I think the answer is clear.  God is so kind to us moms to give us strength and grace in these hard situations.  As I think back over Sadie's first 14 months there has been late nights, sickness, other lovely throwing up incidents, and it is so encouraging to see that God gets you through each situation.  As I am getting ready to be mommy of two I find myself thinking how can I do it?  But I was reminded tonight by these not so fun circumstances that God will show His kindness on me with our little boy as well and will allow me to get through those rough situations and even find moments to cherish in the midst of them. 

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Kim said...

Thanks, Kim! I needed to read this right now :-) It's been one of those days.