Saturday, May 28, 2011

 We had the Nelson side of the family here for 2 days and we had a full 2 days of many pictures!  My mom's sweet friend bought these hats for all the girls so we had to get a good picture of it.  It took about 25 pictures to get this one.  See the one below and you'll see what we had to work with-SJ who would not sit still!

 We got together to celebrate Emmie's 6th birthday and SJ's 1st birthday.  Emmie chose to have a Tangled themed birthday party and it was fun to get her all dressed up.

 Nana made this special cake for the girls

 SJ was not too fond of being Rapunzel at first but she warmed up to it.

 SJ and Eva bonding time
 SJ was not too excited of these party blower things
 I tried to get a good picture with Eva with this shirt she picked out:)  As you can tell I was a little tired.

 SJ had fun in her new wagon that Nana and Pawpaw bought her for her birthday

 A visit with the cousins is not complete without a fairy picture!
This sums up the 2 days with the family.  We had a full house and it was a lot of crazy fun!

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