Monday, April 25, 2011

House Pictures

 I am finally posting some house pictures to show our friends and family that live out of town.  We got our rug today for the living room so now it is complete, well sort of complete.  We need a few more things but the rug was the major need. Enjoy the tour!

 Notice the lovely blue tape us.  Yep, still need to do some paint touch ups!

 Our boring guest room.  This room I have not touched and now there's no point with baby #2 coming!

 I love our backyard and patio.  It needs some work because it has been neglected for a while but we are so thankful for a big shaded space.

 Our lovely side yard.  We are still not sure what to do with this space.
 The doggy door we will NEVER use.  Sorry dog people!
 Yes, our house is a lovely pink color.  One of our friends calls it salmon...we are hoping to change that someday but for now we are just trying to keep the yard looking decent.  Below is our front door.  Yes, that is a purple trim.  I am not sure why anyone would choose purple but we just say its for the Lakers:)


Kim said...

I love the color of the master bedroom! Do you remember the name? I want to copy you :-)

Matthew said...

I'm right there with Kim D. Love that color in your bedroom and your whole house for that've done such a great job! I'm so happy you have a home and even another bedroom for baby #2. Your kitchen looks awesome, too! Yay for that project being all done. Thanks for sharing your tour. :)

Ashley said...

Um...that's me that wrote under Matt's name. :( Sorry about that!