Monday, March 15, 2010

Sadie Jane's 1st Things

I am behind on my pregnancy pictures. Next week I will be 7 months pregnant so I will make sure to take one of my ever growing belly then. I pretty much just feel huge and have a hard time comprehending that I am only going to keep growing until the end. We are starting to get ready for Sadie Jane's arrival. We have registered, took a childbirth class, and now we are trying to figure out how to create a nursery/guest room for our baby girl. Here's our random beginning on gathering things for Sadie Jane-

1st pic-my mom's friend, Sherlynne, graciously gave us the crib she has used for her grandkids. We picked that up from them last week when we met them in Sacramento.
2nd pic-we saw this Laker's bear and I knew it was a must for daddy's little girl. She will have to be a Laker's fan, it's in the family.
3rd pic-this was all Andrew. We were at Walmart and he saw this and felt the need to get it for Sadie Jane. Of course there was not one that had her name so we bought one with stickers to put it on there. But then after we opened the package we realized we could pay $4 and have one engraved. So that's our plan and we'll figure out a place to put it so she knows she is true Californian.
4th pic-I ordered her bedding a little while ago and love it. Now I just need to get more ideas for how to decorate her room.


Kim said...

How fun! The bedding is so pretty!

Matthew said...

I love your bedding. So beautiful and feminine. :) Yay Sadie Jane is coming!!!! I'm so excited.
Ashley Mehringer

kelly said...

oh my goodness!! I love that bedding! great choice!