Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Merced

We headed to my parent's house for Thanksgiving on Wednesday with our good friends the Costello's. It was fun to see them and to see how big Liam is getting! We had a great time with my family and friends. I can't wait for Christmas time now to be with more family and friends! It all started with the best dessert Wednesday night-peach cobbler and Blue Bell Ice Cream all the way from the Lone Star State or the Promise Land as my parents call it.

Liam in his Christmas outfit. He's so cute and smiling a lot now.

Emmie-this is the pose she chose to do. Don't remember what she was eating...

This was the IT department that the guys set up. This is where they were most of the time!

Liam liked my dad. This was their bonding time until my dad said he thought Liam needed a diaper change:)

Annette and I on our Thanksgiving walk. This is how it works in the Nelson house. We eat at noon so dad can watch his Dallas Cowboys play and then the women go for a walk so we can eat pie during half time. You got to love working the holidays around football! Good thing I have never known anything different.

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